Second Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

Whether you are having your first, second or even fifth pregnancy, the symptoms of being pregnant will be the same. Being pregnant for the second time is a very special and unique experience in a woman’s life. You know generally what to expect, and if you’ve been trying to get pregnant, you’ll be eagerly looking for the familiar signs you’re carrying a child. Since you’ve already gone through this process, you’ll feel enthusiasm and satisfaction as you correctly predict the second pregnancy symptoms you’ll experience.

Even though you’ll know a lot of what’s coming your way, you’ll also hit a few surprised along the way. Some of the symptoms will come at different times or at different intensities, and you might experience things you didn’t even have during your first pregnancy. You might even be able to skip out on some of the more unpleasant symptoms from your first pregnancy—definitely a plus. Whatever your experience is, it’s a good idea to get an idea of what second pregnancy symptoms you can expect. Here are a few of the second pregnancy symptoms so you can be prepared when you think you’re carrying your second child.

Feeling Physically Weak

One of the first second pregnancy signs you may experience when you’re pregnant for the second time is feeling physical weakness. Even just a few days after conception, the excessive amounts of progesterone your body produces may throw you off balance and cause you to feel weak or more tired than usual. This is normal and passes after the earlier stages of the pregnancy.

Morning Illness

While scientists aren’t quite sure what causes morning illness, you may or may not experience is during your second pregnancy. While some women would prefer morning sickness be called “all of the time sickness” because you can experience it any time of the day, the good news is that a lot of women experience morning sickness during one pregnancy but not with another. You’ll generally start to feel sick and have some vomiting as soon as only 2 weeks after conception, so if you’ve gone two months into your pregnancy without having it, you’re probably in the clear.

Gaining Weight

You’ll gain weight differently during your second pregnancy than you will during your first. During your first pregnancy, you may not have gained very much excess fat until your second or third trimester. However, during your second pregnancy, you might notice that you’ll gain more fat sooner in the pregnancy. The reason for this difference has to do with the way your muscles stretched and expanded during your first pregnancy. Since your abdominal muscles and other muscles related to carrying your baby were stretched so much as you were pregnant for the first time, they will expand much more quickly the second time around. This allows more fat to be stored for some reason.

Breast Size

One of the first second pregnancy symptoms you may experience after feeling weak and morning sickness is having the size of your breasts increase. As soon as two weeks after your conceive, your breasts may begin to swell and you may notice your bras not fitting correctly. You’ll also experience chest tenderness and darkening around your nipples which you probably experienced during your first pregnancy along with these breast changes.


Between the first and second weeks after you conceive, when the sperm and ovum have joined together and formed an embryo, that embryo will attach to your uterine walls. This will cause symptoms similar to a period including some cramping and spotting. However, you can tell the difference between your normal period and this second pregnancy symptom because the spotting will be lighter than your normal menstrual flow and it won’t last as long.

Other Differences Between the First and Second pregnancy

After the symptoms that distinguish your first pregnancy from your second confirm you’re expecting another child, there are some other things you’ll experience in your second pregnancy that are different from your first. Here a just a few of the second pregnancy differences you can expect to encounter.

  • Baby bump: You can expect to see your baby bump earlier in the second pregnancy than you did in the first. This is because the abdominal muscles that held your baby in place were stretched during your first pregnancy and never quite go back to the way they were before your first pregnancy.
  • Carrying your baby lower: In addition to showing up earlier, your baby bump will also be lower on your body during your second and subsequent pregnancies. Many mothers report having to urinate more frequently because of this.
  • Baby movement: Because you learned to recognize when your baby was kicking and moving around inside you, you’ll feel your baby moving earlier than you did during your first pregnancy. You’ll know the difference between your baby moving and the normal gastrointestinal activity you experience when you’re not pregnant.
  • Fat storage: You can expect to have more pregnancy weight gain during your second pregnancy due to the weakened muscles in your abdominal area that were stretched during your first pregnancy.
  • Shorter labor: One of the benefits of your second pregnancy is that your labor usually lasts shorter. This isn’t guaranteed, but this is the case in most pregnancies.

There are some similarities you’ll need to take care of during your second pregnancy as well. These include prenatal care by making frequent visits to a doctor and taking the right nutrients and supplements. Make sure you get enough folic acid so that you can avoid birth defects in your baby. See your obstetrician regularly so that you can keep track of your personal health and your baby’s health. With the second pregnancy, you’ll know more of what to expect when it comes to preparing for a new baby in the home. You’ll be more busy because you’ll be taking care of your first child while preparing for your second, but at least you have a better idea of what you’re in for.

The second pregnancy symptoms are similar to the ones you experience e with your first pregnancy, but you also want to make sure you’re aware of the differences listed above. If you feel you are experiencing these second pregnancy symptoms and are about to join the club of second time mothers, see your doctor right away so you can confirm the pregnancy and start preparing for a new member of your family.

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