Second Pregnancy Showing Early

If you’ve become pregnant for a second time, you might begin to notice that your second pregnancy is much different than your first. Most of the differences in your pregnancy will come from a difference in timing. However, you might notice a difference in your cravings and physical makeup as well. One of the most typical changes in first and second pregnancies is that you will begin to show much sooner.

During your first pregnancy, the body won’t begin to show until a few months into your pregnancy. Every woman is different. Most women begin to show, even a little bit, at the end of their third month. Some women might not show until well into their second trimester, and maintain their normal figure up until then. However, after your first pregnancy, the uterus does not shrink down all the way to its previous size. This gives it a sort of head start in stretching out during your second pregnancy. Your uterus will stretch much quicker and easier during your second pregnancy, which means you’ll start showing in your abdomen weeks sooner as well.

You might also experience some weight gain in the early months of your second pregnancy, which will also give the appearance of an earlier showing. This does not mean that you’ve gained more weight than your first pregnancy, so don’t worry. This simply means that your body is responding to your baby’s size much sooner than before. Your expansion rate should level out as your pregnancy progresses.

The good news is that since you’ll realize you’re pregnant much sooner, you’ll be able to plan ahead for your new child. If you have a career, you can arrange for maternity leave. Otherwise, you can begin purchasing maternity clothing before you get too large and start preparing the baby’s new room. You might also want to consider preparing your first child for the new baby. Explaining the changes in your body and why they are occurring can be one of the most rewarding parts of your second pregnancy. The sooner you begin teaching your first son or daughter, the more prepared they will be to be a better big brother or sister.

Some women might become discouraged because of their earlier weight gain and showing. However, it is important to maintain a healthy attitude towards the pregnancy process. Learning to accept these changes will allow you to enjoy your pregnancy more, as well as bounce back sooner after you have delivered.

Carrying your baby lower

Along with showing sooner, you might also notice that you’re carrying your child much lower than before. During your first pregnancy, your abdominal muscles were much tighter than they are now. This means that your abdominal muscles won’t be able to hold the baby up as high as your first pregnancy. The result is that your baby will be held much lower in your abdomen.

The bright side to this change is that you’ll be able to breath much easier than during your first pregnancy. You will also be able to eat much more comfortably than before. On the other hand, since your baby will sit lower in your body, you might find that the frequent urination will start much sooner. A lower carrying might also result in more frequent pelvic discomfort and an added strain on your lower back. Ask your doctor if he or she can recommend stretches or abdominal exercises to help with this pain and discomfort. If you want to keep from aggravating your back pain, then make sure to follow the following rules:

  • Do not lift heavy objects, especially not while arching your back.
  • Try bending your knees when you stand. This will keep the muscles in your lower back relaxed, avoiding too much strain.
  • While sleeping or lying down, lie on your side with something like a pillow in between your legs. This will keep your spine straight and your back from becoming achy.
  • Resting your feet on a low stool can relieve some of the pressure on your lower back. So, if you’re going to be sitting for a while, consider investing in a footrest.

You can also strengthen your pelvic muscles. This is the first step to making sure your abdomen stays strong and that your back doesn’t have to carry all the weight. You can do this by beginning kegel exercises. Try doing one to two sets of kegel exercises per day to begin strengthening your pelvic floor and relieving your body of pregnancy weight and pressure.

Your second pregnancy might include a few other changes

Feeling your baby move inside your womb sooner is one of the most common changes a woman can experience during her second pregnancy. Doctors attribute this to the fact that women who become pregnant for the first time do not always know what their baby feels like when they kick or squirm in the womb. Experienced mothers are more accustomed to these sensations and can recognize them much easier than first-time mothers. First time mothers can mistake kicking and moving for gas and other digestive problems.

Along with feeling your baby sooner, you might also experience other symptoms sooner as well. You might also notice that these symptoms are more severe than during your first pregnancy. These symptoms include sore breasts, fatigue, morning sickness, and mood swings. Any changes involving hormones such as mood swings are especially unpredictable since your hormone levels might differ from your first pregnancy. These changes are perfectly normal and should not be cause for alarm.

Changes from your first pregnancy to your second pregnancy can be both minor and major. If you’re lucky, your second pregnancy might not be any different from your first. For most women, though, there are a few changes in physical appearance as well as other symptoms. If you’re unsure of whether or not these changes are normal, you might want to check with your doctor. Otherwise, enjoy your pregnancy and use your nine months to prepare for your new baby boy or girl!

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